What Is Faith?

Faith. What is it? Faith is one of those terms many people use every day. When you listen to how the term is being used, it has a nebulous meaning. Faith is oftentimes understood and a vague, hazy notion of confidence. Often the object of that confidence is a general optimism that our circumstances will get better. An example may help clarify my meaning here.

When someone we love is admitted into the hospital, we ask others to pray for our loved one and to send to us their positive thoughts and vibes. In this case, we are asking others to help us grow in our confidence that our circumstances will get better. 

If this is what faith is, we are left with an empty, gnawing feeling that there has to be something more to faith. Consider another possibility. What if faith was intended to point us to someone greater? And what if that someone greater has taken the time to speak to various men and women throughout human history from a particular nation to make himself known to us? And that faith was always intended to reveal our dependency? 

I have a conviction that faith, genuine faith points us to the Lord Jesus. You may think that the only reason I am saying this is that I am a minister. I have long held this conviction before I ever was a minster and intend to hold this conviction long after I stop being a minister. 

So, why do I believe that genuine faith points us to Jesus? Faith reveals our frailty. When we ask someone to pray for us or someone we know, we are admitting at that moment how powerless we are. When a loved one is taken to the hospital so that medical professionals can treat him or her, there is only so much that doctors and nurses can do for them. They cannot cure every disease. They cannot bring complete healing in many cases. In all these situations, we are vulnerable. And we do not like being vulnerable. 

This is where I find the Bible‚Äôs teaching on faith instructive. Faith in the Bible is never mere confidence that our situation will improve, but biblical, genuine faith is in a person, and that person is the Lord Jesus. Genuine faith rightly views our vulnerabilities and points us to our only hope. Faith points us to Jesus. While many things threaten our well-being, none so much as our sin. Yet, the Bible tells us that salvation from sin only comes to us by believing in Jesus (John 3:16). For is through the Lord Jesus the universe was created, and it is through Jesus the universe is held together (Colossians 1:16-17). 

Is it any wonder that we are drawn to pray when we are vulnerable? We are drawn to the one who holds the universe together. We are drawn to the Lord Jesus because he alone saves. 

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