Complete Restoration

At this point on the calendar, we are little more than a month into the school year. Some have looked forward to this school year because they will graduate this year. Commencement is coming. At various times, commencement feels slow in arriving and others it is coming too fast. For both groups, commencement will eventually arrive.

The same is true as we read the unfolding story of God’s salvation through the Lord Jesus in the Bible. Consider where we have been in these four articles. The story of the Bible begins with creation. In the beginning, it was good. The creation was so good that at the end of the first week, God saw all that he had made including humanity and said it was very good (Gen. 1:31). By the time we get to Genesis 3, we find perhaps the saddest chapter in all the Bible when our first parents rejected God’s rule and disobeyed God’s one command. they brought death into the world with their disobedience because death was the condition of disobedience (Gen. 2:16-17).

But the story did not end there in the garden. In that same garden where death entered the world through disobedience, God promised to send a savior who would undo all that is wrong in our world. This savior would bring hope in a world marred by sin. This savior is none other than the Lord Jesus who offers salvation through faith and repentance. The salvation that Jesus offers culminates in the complete restoration of all things. 

We find this complete restoration of all things at the end of the Bible’s story, the Book of Revelation. The Apostle John reveals the final vision of his book, and it is a picture of a new heaven and a new earth. Imagine the picture of the Garden of Eden’s perfection. Now imagine that perfection covering the entire universe. That is the picture we find here. This new heaven and earth will be free from sin and death where God himself will dwell among his people and wipe away every tear from our eyes (Rev. 21:1-4). In the restored earth, the Tree of Life will return. This tree will give its fruit every month of the year for the healing of the nations (Rev. 22:1-2). 

The Bible’s final vision for God’s creation is the complete and final restoration. It is one of hope that can only come from the God who created all that there is. The story of the Bible reveals the God who is active in restoring what was lost. The God who creates is also the same God who saves and is also the same God who restores. We are one day closer to God’s complete restoration of our universe. The Lord Jesus said he is coming soon. Perhaps the appropriate way to end this article is to repeat John’s words, “Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!” (Rev. 22:20). 

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